Coffee Recipes


There are myriad recipes for drinking coffee, ranging from African tribes that stretch their raw coffee beans along with bananas and eaten as a delicacy, and ending with a complex coffee drinks.


We give a few recipes, dearly loved around the world.


First, the Foundation of many other recipes, of course


This is a special method of making coffee, which appeared in the mid-twentieth century. His birthplace — Italy. The word "espresso" means "fast-cooked for You", but literally it can be translated as "fast" or "compressed", "cooked under pressure."

This is a coffee drink made using a special device called a coffee maker or coffee machine. Real espresso is a drink made of water, and 7-11 grams of ground coffee in the amount of 25-35 ml and extraction time of 20-30 seconds. Despite the strong aroma and full flavor, espresso contains 2-3 times less caffeine than a serving of tea, Oriental coffee or instant coffee.



A cappuccino consists of 1/3 esspresso, 1/3 hot milk and 1/3 milk foam. A standard serving of cappuccino is considered to be 150-180 ml. For the preparation of pasteurized steamed milk poured into espresso. Milk foam on top of the drink acts as an insulator and helps to maintain high temperatures for longer. The drink should be a temperature of 65-70°C. At this temperature the cappuccino is not very hot, it is comfortable enough to drink.



Few know what is actually latte. Even more rare to hear the full name of this drink, as it vents a little more complicated. The full name of this sandwich sounds coffee — latte macchiato. From Italian means "stained milk". As for coffee terminology, this name means layered cocktail, which consists of a prepared espresso, hot milk and foam.

Latte was originally intended for children, so they could drink coffee as adults, what children often want. Moreover, the amount of caffeine because such a large amount of milk is considerably decreased. In our time, the latte is extremely popular among business of young people, especially in Western and Central Europe.

 Despite the fact that milk must be higher than coffee, it is poured first and always hot and foamed. It is best to give the foam for 30 seconds to separate from the milk, and then a thin stream pour the espresso through creamy milk froth.


Coffee Frappe


Greek coffee frappe is an iced coffee drink covered with foam, made from instant coffee spray dried. It is very popular in Greece and Cyprus, but nowadays spread to other countries. He gained popularity in new York and Melbourne and has already served there for several years thanks to the Greek Diaspora in these cities. This is a great summer drink and a very nice refreshing drink for coffee lovers on a hot day. All you need is a shaker, about 2 or 3 tablespoons of cold water, espresso, and 2 or 3 sugars. Make sure that you tightly closed the shaker and shook it enough for the formation of foam, which is formed in approximately 25-30 seconds. Then add about a Cup of water, some ice cubes, a little milk and mix all of this. This coffee drink should always be served with a straw.


Oriental coffee


Greek or Turkish coffee, or as it is called Oriental coffee made from good, but not too strongly roasted coffee beans. In cooking you can even use coffee powder for espresso. Although coffee powder smaller, it would be good to find, if you want to feel the authentic taste. The trick is grinding the beans. It is made from roasted coffee beans coarse. You need to consider the fact that in Oriental coffee, thick ground coffee remains in the Cup, and you really don't drink all the caffeine as in instant coffee. To prepare coffee-East in 50-60 ml of water you will need one teaspoon of ground coffee, the sugar in this coffee drink adds to the taste of the Amateur.


Iced coffee

Iced cold coffee drink with ice cream. But to call it just a drink it is unfair, because it is often served as a dessert. And if it's a dessert, it is appropriate to report about its caloric content. In 100 grams of product contains 154 calories.The ingredients included for the classic iced espresso and ice cream, as well in different variations of cooking you can add whipped cream, sprinkle with grated chocolate or cocoa to mix with syrups to taste.

There are more than 800 kinds of coffee drinks, not to mention versions of each of them. Coffee choose the mood, character, preferences and lifestyle. Coffee is not just delicious and healthy product is the invisible interlocutor, embodied in taste and aroma.