About us


 In 2011,our first coffee roasting and blending laboratory was created in the south of Russia,


In 2012, first presentation of our products in the restaurants of Krasnodar and Sochi

.First recognition of excellent quality, and the first success of

espresso mix "Classic" on Barista Competition in Krasnodar!

In 2013, the creation of a family coffee company "ElKafe"

start of production espresso mixes: Elite, Premium, Speshl, Classic.

From this period, cooperation with the best restaurants and

cafes in southern Russia.

In 2014 our company first enters the market of the Republic of Crimea and supplies

a full range of coffee products to restaurants, cafes and shops.


2016 participation in the advertising campaign for the Grand Prix, "Formula 1".

Diversification: started production of natural ground coffee

Turks: Greek coffee, coffee and Latin.


From September 2016 on the basis of its own corporate cafe

"Elkafe" in Krasnodar, we conduct monthly

charity dinners for needy families and children.

We participate in the actions of the charity fund "VO IMYA CHELOVEKA."

Helping children -Disabled in acquiring prostheses.

From the best varieties of Arabica and Robusta, collected and imported from Brazil, Kenya, Peru, Colombia, India, Indonesia, we create masterpieces that will satisfy the most demanding customers.

Coffee is packed in a bag with degassing valve that allows you to save all the valuable properties of the coffee aroma and fresh taste

excellent and bright design of the package , attracting the attention and informs about the contents.



Natural coffee ElKafe comes in two forms: powder and beans. This coffee is focused on a wide range of consumers. It is characterized by high quality and reasonable prices. Coffee Fans certainly will appreciate the delicious aroma and taste of your favorite blend of carefully roasted Arabica and Robusta.


Our coffee is freshly roasted, and immediately gets into the packaging, keeping all valuable spices and organic quality, and most importantly a fresh coffee aroma, influencing thereby on the taste buds of man.

Our coffee comes directly from the factory .

Minimizing the cost of production, saving on additional costs for logistics and the lack of intermediaries in the sale, making the price of our coffee is very reasonable, thus we are competing with the giants of the coffee industry.

We care about the health of our customers, our products are made of the best grades, through a unique blending, using recipes developed by our best technologists. We prouce only the best natural fresh-roasted coffee.




By prior agreement we can represent

Coffee production