Services for Roasting coffe

Roasting coffee - one of the main and most important steps in the transformation of the grain into the drink. Raw coffee beans vary in shades from light brown to whitish-green. So-called green, they turn brown only after roasting. The miraculous effects of heat allows you to fully unleash the magnificent taste aromatic properties of the coffee beans.

In the wizard, roasting coffee is a big responsibility. From his skills it depends whether he will give the desired taste of grains or destroy them, because the difference between the average and high degree of toasting can make under certain conditions a few seconds!

There are several conventional degrees of roasting:

Average frying. Mostly, the European way. Medium roast is already familiar to the Russian buyer, this roast is good taste reveals all parameters of any blend, it retains the flavor and healthy qualities produkta.Imeet beautiful color, delicate aroma, well-sealed, holding a cup of cream. Roasting beans is fast .If heat.

Strong browning. Treated by this method grade receive names such as Spanish, Cuban, dark brown or French. On the surface of the grains also act as an oily compound.

Continental method. The grains are subjected to double strong roasting. In the US this is called the coffee roasted in French in New Orleans, or as Europeans. The grains have a black color of dark chocolate and they are called heavy or Italian.

Italian method. In Italy, coffee roasted to a darker shade than in America. It can be found under the name of "Espresso". Grains almost black in color and very oily.

Each of these categories contains a broad range of styles roasting, depending on the countries and companies producing coffee, they have different names and characteristics.

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